Where do I go now?

As I’m waiting for my video to download this morning my mind wanders and I think about what direction I want this blog to go in.  What’s the ” ‘n’ stuff ” that I’ll write about?  What will people find interesting?  What bits of my life do I want to share?  How do I organize those thoughts?

My first post was read, reread, edited, reread, changed, reread, almost posted, changed again, and then finally after  a few days I figured it was time to just put it out there…as lengthy as it was…but still not completely happy with content and structure.

So here I am now with a list of…goals?  Topics?  Anecdotes?  Whatever they are I may as well lay them all out so I’ll have a list to work from.

  • The good, bad, ugly, but amazing things on a small farm.
  • Hunting
  • Butchering
  • Healthy Eating  – whole foods, cooking from scratch
  • School lunches – what I give my family, what the school cafeteria provides
  • Baking
  • Apple Picking in the fall
  • Pumpkin time/Halloween
  • Farmers Markets
  • Holiday traditions
  • My desire to homeschool
  • Photography
  • Crafts
  • Funny things about my family
  • More about where I live – our house and our community

I’ve taken lots of pics this weekend and will use them in some later posts. Thanks to Hubby for being my photography assistant this weekend.  And by assistant I mean he held up a dishtowel in front of the patio door to keep the glare off the veggies I was photographing.  He’s such a good boy. I also got some from apple picking and the 50lbs of apples on my dining room table, farmers market buys, tools that I use in the kitchen, my crazy kids, etc.  As soon as I’m done editing I will be ready to post , but don’t hold your breath, I haven’t done any Photoshop work in a while so I’m pretty rusty.  Maybe a blog post about relearning Photoshop will show up some day. Or maybe you’ll get some unedited shots in the first few posts…don’t look at any junk in the backgrounds of my pics 😛

For now though, I’d love to hear thoughts on any topics I’ve listed as well as other ideas for blog posts.

Have a beautiful day and take some time to enjoy the great outdoors wherever you are.



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