happy birthday to…

November is always a busy month for us. In addition to all the activities at school and starting prep for Christmas it’s “birthday month” in our house. It starts with the little man on the 1st and finishes up with little miss on the 24th. In between there is mine and a host of extended relatives birthdays along with a few anniversaries. By Dec 1 I’m sick of cake!

This year is a little different than usual. The kids still get to decide what they want for dinner on their actual birthday but I’ve decided that gifts are going to be dispersed through the whole month, including one big surprise next week that they aren’t suspecting at all. I am so excited! Hubby and I planned it several months ago and it’s been super hard to keep it a secret this long. Just a few more days…can I last that long?! Yeah, I just have to make sure the munchkins don’t peek into my closet.

Wish me luck in keeping my mouth shut for a few more days and I’ll have a big post about the surprise next week. And happy birthday to everyone else who is celebrating with us this month.

Have a beautiful day and make a good wish when you blow out those candles.


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