All I want for Christmas is…a pocket knife?

My little man asked for a pocket knife for Christmas!  I shouldn’t be surprised.  He’s a country kid.  Daddy has one.  And he’s a 6 year old boy.  What 6 year old boy living on a farm doesn’t want a pocket knife?  The overprotective mom in me says “NO WAY” but the practical cool mom says “sure, lets teach him how to use it properly and responsibly” and those two moms are fighting it out inside my head.

Hubby is all for it and, truth be told, would probably be happy enough to get matching ‘Rambo’ knives, sharpened to a razors edge that they could strap to their hips and then head out into the woods to do things that men do in the woods with big sharp knives.  They would come home with an assortment of pointy sticks and be so proud of their “arrows” that they whittled with their jumbo knives while sitting on a fallen tree covered in moss and tell me all about the near misses with the new knife and how daddy showed him the right way to cut stuff.

But there’s no hunting knife coming in this house for my little man just yet.  Momma isn’t ready for that!  I think I can handle a little Swiss Army knife at this point in his life, afterall, if this is how we’ve been spending our Sunday afternoons a knife won’t be so bad….will it?

Archers Ready
Archers Ready

Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to do something nice for a stranger.


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