I’m in love with food.

I just had to put it out there.  I am in mad insatiable love with food.  Where it comes from, who produced it, what I can make with it.  Everything about food is so interesting to me.  I find myself seeking out food blogs and food videos online.  I adore most cooking shows.  I have too many cook books and want more.  Fresh whole food markets are like wonderland to me and I could talk to the farmers and producers for ages.

I listed off some of the things I wanted to make after we slaughter our pigs next year and I was nearly drooling on the keyboard.  Napkin please!  We don’t even have a pig pen let alone the pigs and I already have plans for that amazing meat.  At least with the ducks and chickens I’m already half way to having turducken next year for Christmas.  Or maybe it will be turduckenison.  Hubby and the kids are in love with the venison we have in the freezer this year so that might be incorporated in there as well.

Thank God I have three other foodies in my house.  How boring would life be if I had no one to share amazing food with every day?!

And speaking of those other foodies, I’m off to school to pick up the munchkins and then it’s off to the store to get some baking ingredients.  I think tonight (after we pick up more new chickens) will be baking night and prep for our open house on Sunday.

Have a beautiful day everyone, and eat something amazing.  Life is too short for bad food.


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