Eggs in December

What a busy two weeks it’s been but great weeks.  We did our annual Christmas tree hunt and found what I think is an exceptional tree (although a little larger than we should have).  Hubby found this tree u-cut just after we moved here and we love going there every year.  We managed to make it to Hubby’s work party this year and I got to meet all the interesting characters I’d heard so much about the past few years.  That was a fun night and kiddies got to have a sleepover thanks to some wonderful friends or ours.  And I was able to get to our pot luck/gift exchange at my Woman’s Institute meeting.  Our gift excahnges are a little different in that we don’t keep the gifts that are exchanged but are donated to a charity.  This year gifts went to a local woman’s shelter. Unfortunately our Christmas prep also included a trip to the doctor to clear up a throat infection for Little Man.  He was a trooper and is taking his meds with no complaints at all.  Thankfully only a few days left of meds and the throat is clearing up nicely.

Our Christmas eve tradition started with going to mass and the children were able to participate in the Nativity pageant at our church.  Little Miss was an angel and Little Man was a shepherd.  Of course I’m biased and think they did the best jobs but all the children were wonderful and made the evening so enjoyable.  Once we got home munchkins got into new jammies, put out Santa cookies and milk, drank some hot chocolate from Nana’s special mugs, and we listened to my friend E read The Night Before Christams.  She decided to record herself reading Christmas stories and share them on Facebook during the month of December, which I think was an amazing gift.

Quite unlike me, I had everything done the night before and only had one thing to wrap on Christmas eve, so hubby and I had a relaxing evening on the sofa.  I should have gone to bed as soon as the munchkins did because they were up at 4 the next morning.  Oh my.  It’s a good thing they can open their stockings before we get up or we would have been out of bed then too.  That’s fine though.  I love to see how excited they are on Christmas morning to see that Santa has been there and left some surprises for them.

We asked Santa to be minimal at our house this year and that was a pretty easy task since the kiddies didn’t ask for very much at all.  The wish list was on the fridge for a while with only two things on it and I think things only got added because I kept asking if there was anything else they wanted.  There were no disappointments this year though.  A pocket knife or multitool were the request of Little Man and he was surprised with both.  Little Miss got a camera and has barely put it down since she opened it.  I think the whole house has been photographed or videoed in the past few days and any gift boxes are now reduced to slices and chunks of their former selves.  Little Man cracked me up when they were using the pocket knife and multitool and he looked at Little Miss and said “just pretend you’re butchering a deer.”  He’ll be out hunting with daddy before you know it. Some puzzles, clothes, fireworks, and odds and ends rounded out the gifts for the kids.

Hubby and I are very practical when it comes to gift giving for each other.  Since I couldn’t legally buy him the shotgun he wanted (no possession/acquisition license yet) I opted for getting his chainsaw fixed.  He has been talking about it for quite a while but just never bothered to bring it to the shop. He took advantage of a nice Boxing Day to go out and thin some trees on the property.  I also got him a small sharpening steep to keep in his hunting pack.   I was thoroughly surprised when a number of gifts were handed to me though.   First came new hats, then a canning cookbook, then my new hay fork.  I thought that was it until Hubby reminded me that there was something else in the barn for me.  It was a boot cleaner to beat all boot cleaners, lovingly made by Hubby himself.  Needless to say all of those things got used already except for the canning book, but that’s been read cover to cover a few times while trying to decide what to make first.

I did get one early Christmas gift that I forgot to mention.  I used the Christmas money from my parents to buy chickens.  When we found the Australorps I thought that would be the only breed of chicken we would have for a while.  Good meat and egg birds and supposedly good layers.  But you all know how I love online buy and sell sites and I found young Americauna chickens for an awesome price and couldn’t resist.  And do I want green colored eggs….YES!!!! Plus they came with a heated poultry waterer, half a bag of feed, a bag of scratch, and a bag of grit. We ended up with two Red Island Red/Barred Rock hens in the deal and I’m happy enough to eat their eggs but we will eventually rehome (or eat) them since my goal is to have pure breeds.  Right now we let them all mix it up and I’m hoping we will get some amazing egg colors.

Even though Santa has come and gone, I am still getting presents!  Eggs, eggs, and more eggs.  A few days ago Hubby closed up the bird house when all were in and settled and when he came back in pulled an egg out of his hoodie and said “look what I have…and look what else I have…and look what else I have…and look what else I have.”  Four eggs?  In December??? Yup,  and a green one to boot.   The Americauna breed can lay all shades of blue and green from just a hint of color to very vibrant.  And since some of our ducks have started laying again we get jumbo white eggs from them. small brown from the RIR/BR, small to medium brown from the Australorps, and medium green from the Americaunas.  I’ll have an amazing basket of multicolored eggs for Easter this year thanks to Mother Nature!  When we get our pigs I’ll be able to have our own green eggs and ham.

That’s it for an update today.   Our New Years Eve will be a fairly quiet night at home.  Kids want to try to stay up till midnight but we are going to do fireworks early just in case they don’t make it.  And as usual, there’s an open invitation to friends who want to pop over.

I hope you all had a great time with family and friends over the holidays, which ever holiday you celebrate.  Unless something interesting happens in the next week I probably won’t blog again until the kids are back in school and I’ve packed away our Christmas decorations.

Have a beautiful day and if you are heading out to celebrate the new year drink responsibly and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!


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