Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

No not really, just a duck sitting by the fireplace.  That’s right, there’s a duck in my house bundled up in old baby blankets sitting in front of the fireplace.  And that’s also something I never thought I’d say.

Hubby was getting ready to take Little Man to a birthday party when I asked him to check the birds water.  It’s COLD out there today so we have to check it a little more than usual to make sure it’s not completely frozen.  So he comes in and yells to me upstairs “do we have any old blankets or towels?”  I thought maybe his wine mixture had bubbled over or something but nope, he found a duck in the yard that wasn’t moving very much so he brought him in.  Down I come with an armload of receiving blankets that I just couldn’t let go of and Mr. Duck gets bundled up.  On goes the fireplace and there I sit with bundled duckie trying to get him warmed up.  I figure he’s still blinking and trying to move his head so he should be fine. Right?!

Little Miss was home with me so we sat there for a little while, she did some dancing for him and talked to him, and then we laid him in a laundry basket with the blankets while we did some baking.

Slowly he started to move his head some more and made some soft noises so I was pretty hopeful he’d be ok.  Two hours later he’s not quite as mobile as I would have expected but he’s trying to flap a bit, moving his head quite a bit, and moving his feet a bit.

Now you might think this is a cute little duck but these are big guys.  He just barely fits in the basket.  Little Miss took this picture for me so you’d have an idea of just how big they are.  And the drakes are strong too so there would probably be a few things broken if he decided to start flapping and jumping around.  I’m keeping a close eye on him and ready to grab him as soon as he tries to make a break for it.


We expect him to make a full recovery and be ready to make little duckies in the spring but for now he’s just happy sitting there enjoying the heat.

Have a wonderful day and make sure your pets and farm animals are nice and warm if it’s cold where you are.


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