Because one yolk just isn’t enough.

We seem to have a duck laying double yolk eggs.  Some of the ducks have been laying eggs for a couple of weeks now since taking a break in the fall and one of our ladies has given us a few with double yolks.  Pretty cool.   We only got one with a double yolk last year and I thought that might have been a fluke, but since we aren’t out with the birds all the time we aren’t sure if it’s one of the older ducks or one of last summer’s babies that are giving us these giants.

I posted this video on YouTube.  Click HERE to have a look.  Our YouTube Channel is called Ducks’n’Stuff and I have the video of the tiny yolk-less egg on there as well.  Eventually I’ll post some other videos of what’s been going on around the farm…and if I’m brave, I’ll get a cooking video up one of these days.

In the mean time, enjoy the egg videos and if it’s stormy where you are I hope you’ve got a good supply of snacks, blankets, books or movies, and some good snugglers to keep you company.


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