If April showers bring may flowers, what about April snow???

Its April 1 and there is still snow in our forecast for this afternoon.  I’m ok with that but I suspect most of the people I know are more like this:

In Summer!

Maybe because I grew up in Labrador West where it’s winter more than it’s not. Winter came in October and stayed until early May.  Halloween meant walking through snow to go trick-or-treating with costumes over our snowsuits.  When everyone else was having “spring break” we were having winter carnival.  Most cars had block heaters that had to be plugged in all the time they weren’t running just so they would be able to start.  And we had cold days instead of storm days, but they weren’t very often.  The temp had to be -70C before school was cancelled.  Yes, people would still go out in those temperatures…and still do.  Our winter activities were snowshoeing, downhill and cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hockey, figure skating, and anything else you can do in the snow.  We just dressed way warmer than most people have to.

So I’m good with winter sticking around for a bit, but only a bit…we do have things we want to get done around the yard.  Pig fence is the #1 project for us.  If we don’t get piggies in May we will have them too far into next winter and we’d like to be done with slaughter/butcher by mid November at the latest.  I keep going back to my pork list and prioritizing so I have a clear idea of what we are going to do so there is no waste of the animal.  ***gross stuff coming for anyone who might be squeemish***  I’ve even been watching videos on how to prepare and use hog intestines as natural sausage casings.  *******k, that’s done*********

Hubby also wants to get the smoke house done before too long.  I have lots of ideas for that and I think we’ll start with some chicken and salt.  I bought a little jar of smoked salt that I found in a 1/2 price bin a while ago and what an amazing flavour it puts on food.  It didn’t last long and I wasn’t prepared to pay what they wanted full price so that’s something I’m definitely willing to try.  It’s too bad I can’t get my hands on some raw milk because I’d love to be able to make some cheese and smoke that.  (raw milk is illegal in NS) I know I can use pasteurized milk but it’s just not the same.  It’s times like this I’d love to have a dairy cow or goat, but lets leave that for another time!

Easter weekend is coming fast.  As a Catholic family, this weekend has quite a holy aspect to it for us, as well as the fun and excitement that the Easter Bunny brings.  We spent yesterday making some Easter decorations for the windows (kids had a snow day and Hubby had the morning off) and prepping some cookie dough for today.  Little Man wants to bring bunny bum cookies to school and I wanted to try out a new recipe ahead of time.  It came out pretty good…thanks Joy of Cooking…so finishing those is a project for this evening.  Little Miss picked out a cupcake set so that will be super easy and she can do most of that herself.  She’s quite the little baker.  I’ve decided that in addition to treats for the kids in their classes, I am going to bring a treat in for their teachers as well.  Baskets of our own eggs.  I won’t even have to color them since we get various shades of green, brown, and cream.  It’s too bad the ducks are on hiatus this week.  They might only get one duck egg each in the baskets.  Anyway, I’m sure they will enjoy them all the same.

So I guess while I’m waiting for spring here in the Maritimes I will continue to make plans and think about baby chickens, ducks, and pigs, growing the garden, and having lots of fun with the kiddies and Hubby.

Have a great day everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend.


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