Ahh spring, when the robins come back, snow melts, rivers open up, and the toilet makes funny noises.

Wait, back up!  The toilet makes funny noises?  Oh yes. The toilet in our house starts making noises.

You see, we live in a house that’s over 100 years old.  Tons of character but it’s a fixer upper and everything about it is odd, including the plumbing. Now one of these days we will have everything changed out and run properly but for now we make due…and part of making due is dealing with glugging, popping, slurping, sucking noises coming from the main floor bathroom every spring.

It’s the oddest thing and the first time I thought we were in BIG trouble, physically and financially.  I mean, who wants to deal with a complete plumbing overhaul a year after buying a house? Not this girl!  We had enough other stuff that needed to be done.  Hubbs calls this our ‘forever home’ because we will be here forever.  Sometimes I think it’s just going to take forever to get all the renovations done, but I love it here all the same.

Thankfully with the plumbing the water was going down instead of coming back up so my calls, messages, and conversations with hubby weren’t quite as frantic and crazy as they could have been.  After all, I’m good with the water being sucked down the pipes.  That’s the direction it is supposed to go right.  Turns out through a bit of investigation the plumbing isn’t vented properly on one side of the house.  We’ll just add that to the list I guess.

I know some of you might be thinking “what kind of crazy person lives in a house like that” but I guess that’s just the joys of living in a very old house with quirks.  Yeah, the plumbing is noisy at times, the porch roof leaks from the ice build up and thaw, and the floors are wavy, but 90% of the time it’s perfect and somehow it goes with our crazy family.

I mustache you a question.
I mustache you a question.

Have a wonderful day and be sure to get out and splash in some puddles.


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