It’s a crazy week.

Today is day 2 home with a sick Little Man.  Not sure what the tummy issue is but it started on the weekend, we thought it was cleared up on Monday, and then reared its ugly head again on Tuesday night…just as I was getting ready for bed.  We are sticking with the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) and he’s doing really good today.  I just finished a second mini batch of applesauce for him (The steam was still coming off it when I took the picture) and so far everything is staying down.  ***knock on wood***  One apple seems to be the perfect serving size and it only takes 5 mins to make.  Plus the chickens love the scraps minus the seeds.


A big thanks needs to go out to Hubby who has been picking up the slack with Little Miss the past few days doing drop offs and pick ups, taking her out to supper, and then going out at 9 pm last night to get me something to eat.

I’ve also been busy this week getting ready for a Buy Local event our WI chapter is hosting on Saturday.  It’s amazing how many small businesses are around that most of us just don’t know about.  The first Buy Local we had I’m sure I didn’t know 75% of the vendors and even people who have lived in the community all of their lives commented that they didn’t know some of these businesses existed, so I’m happy to say that we are making a difference and creating awareness.

Also, when we planned the date this time we didn’t even consider the fact that Earth Day was this week but we need to remember that part of the buy local movement is environmental.  If we don’t have to transport goods over long distances we are cutting our carbon footprint.

This year our kids school is doing a different activity each day this week to create awareness of Earth Day and the need to be environmentally aware.  Teachers are coming up with ideas for their classes to reuse materials, today is literless lunch day, and tomorrow is a clothing swap.  Each year different classes do different activities with plants and animals that help them understand the environment a little better and to study life cycles.  In kindergarden the kids get to plant beans, one of the grade 2 teachers hatch out butterflies native to the area, this year my daughters grade 3 class are participating in a “save the salmon” program.  They have a big fish tank in their classroom with hundreds of salmon eggs and they get to be a part of that life cycle until they are big enough to release into a local river.  I am hoping that one of the teachers will take on a project to hatch out some chickens or ducks in their classroom next year.

And speaking of buy local and animals, we are getting piggies very soon!!! But not just any piggies, pot belly pigs (2 male, 1 female).  Someone local is giving them away and i just happened to be online at the right time to see their ad before anyone else jumped in to claim them.  There’s enough snow gone now that we can get to work on a fence and shelter and we should be able to pick them up soon.  I’ll have a few pics to post as soon as we pick them up.    Hubby still wants to get some “regular meat pigs” so we’ll see how we get on with the pot belly pigs first and decide how many more animals we want to add.

That’s about it for today.  Hope you all have a “green” day and be sure to reduce, reuse, recycle, and don’t forget to buy local!


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