Babies, babies, and more babies.

For weeks now we have been wondering what was going to happen with momma duck and her little nest under the baby bird house.  Every day we would go to feed and water the 11 babies that were in the house and be amazed at how fast they were growing and how much they were changing, and every day we would see this other duck come out from under the house, get a drink, have something to eat, peep at all the other birds as she did her rounds, and then head back under the house to keep her clutch of eggs warm.  We’ve been lucky to have a pretty warm fall and not much real frost until recently but I still didn’t give the eggs much of a chance.

Then two days ago Hubby comes in from farm chores and says “we don’t have any starter do we?”.  *we usually give the birds three types of feed.  Starter is for babies and is tiny crumbles.  Grower is for the older birds and can be crumbles or pellets.  Layer has more calcium for the laying hens*  So when he asked me that I knew that he must have seen some tiny little beaks poking out from under the house.  Sure enough there were the little fuzz balls!  Momma wasn’t letting us anywhere near them and that was fine.  They got some food and water and we left them for the night…after everyone tried to get a look.  How exciting!

Next day we still couldn’t see much but I knew they were eating and drinking so that was a good sign.  I worry though that it’s cold, the leaves are on the ground, and we even had snow yesterday.  The other ducklings we have were born in the bird house with a heat lamp on, tons of clean shavings around, and we didn’t let them outside for a couple of weeks. I shouldn’t worry so much though.  Those ducks aren’t going to let anything happen to their babies.

I finally got a good look at everyone this morning when I was feeding the rest of the animals.  Momma came out to make sure everything was ok and then one by one the babies all came out to get a drink. First they lined up along the edge of the house waiting to see if momma gave them the ok and I could see 5 for sure.  Ok, I was pretty happy with that many.  Then they kept coming 6,7,8.  That’s even better.  Oh they moved too quick, count again.  I see 10.  no maybe 9, no maybe 12.  Man they are quick.  Finally I count 11.  And then I count 11 again.  And just to be sure I counted them a dozen more times.  Yup, 11.  Must be our lucky number.  We had the same hatch last year, the same in the first hatch about a month ago, and same this time.

I stood there watching them for about 20 minutes and I could have watched them all day if I had nothing else to do.  They would run around and play, pick at the grass, have a drink, pick at the grass, run in circles, have a drink, play in the water, but never more than a few inches from momma.

Aside from having children, having this little farm is one of the coolest things we’ve ever done!

Happy fall everyone.  Have a beautiful day.


Big changes coming…one way or another.

We have been toying with the idea of moving.  Every now and then I get the itch and I start looking at real estate.  Nothing serious usually, but this time I’m ready to actually go look at houses…and I don’t just mean drive by and see what the neighborhood is like…I mean actually make appointments and get inside and see what’s really going on with a potential property.  It must be a 5 year itch because I was the same way when we started to outgrow our other house.  5 people in a 3 bedroom mini home on a teeny tiny rented lot just wasn’t doing it for me.

I’m feeling that same urge to be somewhere else now but not for lack of space.  Nope, this house has tons of space.  Sometimes it feels like too much space and too much house but 5 years ago it was what we wanted and what we thought we needed.

Perspectives seem to have changed in the last few years and what we need and want are falling into line.  Maybe it has to do with age.  Maybe I’m just more practical than I used to be.  Who knows.  Whatever it is, it makes me want a smaller more practical house and less STUFF. Less time spent organizing stuff I don’t need means more quality time with family and friends.  It means using what we have and using it to its full potential.  It means not wasting…time, things, or money.

What I want in this new life I’m looking for is….enough and no more.

Will I find it in another house?   Maybe.  Will I find it in another community?  Maybe.

The other night my fortune cookie told me that I should be prepared to change my plans.  If I don’t find what I’m looking for out there, I guess I’ll have to rethink “here” and make that enough, and I’m ok with that too.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.

Sometimes I feel like things I do don’t matter much, outside of our little family.  I’m not whining and saying I feel insignificant but I just feel like I’m one person going about her normal life doing mostly normal things and no one really notices the normal things I’m doing.  And then I have a day like today that makes me rethink the impact that I make on my community.

Our weekends usually include a trip to our local farmers market on Saturday mornings. No matter what time we would go there were tons of people and we were just any other shopper.  We would browse and taste samples, we would chat with vendors about what they had that was new or what was in season, we would pick up a few interesting things now and then from random vendors, and then pick up staples from several specific vendors who we really like.  Just a couple of unremarkable shoppers who like to support local and get some great products.

Hubby was working away a lot this summer and when he was home on the weekends we would usually take the kids on an adventure of some kind so we totally changed our routine and spent time in other communities throughout our province and checked out other farmers markets wherever we were.

Today we got back into our weekend routine and braved the driving rain to head to our local farmers market.  I was so touched when I was greeted by several vendors with a big smile and them remarking on how they haven’t seen us in so long and wanting to know what we had been doing during the summer.  Our absence was noticed?  By several vendors?  That means our presence is noticed as well…one small choice matters.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that normal every day activities and going about your life don’t make a difference and don’t matter.  Everything we do impacts someone and matters to someone.

Have a beautiful day and stay tuned for more posts on a regular basis.