Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.

Sometimes I feel like things I do don’t matter much, outside of our little family.  I’m not whining and saying I feel insignificant but I just feel like I’m one person going about her normal life doing mostly normal things and no one really notices the normal things I’m doing.  And then I have a day like today that makes me rethink the impact that I make on my community.

Our weekends usually include a trip to our local farmers market on Saturday mornings. No matter what time we would go there were tons of people and we were just any other shopper.  We would browse and taste samples, we would chat with vendors about what they had that was new or what was in season, we would pick up a few interesting things now and then from random vendors, and then pick up staples from several specific vendors who we really like.  Just a couple of unremarkable shoppers who like to support local and get some great products.

Hubby was working away a lot this summer and when he was home on the weekends we would usually take the kids on an adventure of some kind so we totally changed our routine and spent time in other communities throughout our province and checked out other farmers markets wherever we were.

Today we got back into our weekend routine and braved the driving rain to head to our local farmers market.  I was so touched when I was greeted by several vendors with a big smile and them remarking on how they haven’t seen us in so long and wanting to know what we had been doing during the summer.  Our absence was noticed?  By several vendors?  That means our presence is noticed as well…one small choice matters.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that normal every day activities and going about your life don’t make a difference and don’t matter.  Everything we do impacts someone and matters to someone.

Have a beautiful day and stay tuned for more posts on a regular basis.


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