A lame duck.

We noticed one of the younger ducks limping the other day and hoped it was just a sore leg that would get better.  We checked him out and nothing seemed wrong with him (no cuts or scratches and nothing seemed abnormal about his legs) so we let him go and do his usual thing around the yard.  That evening he was tucked up in the corner of the yard away from everyone but didn’t seem any different than earlier in the day.  Unfortunately he was worse the next day so I decided to bring him in the house and put him in the box we use for transporting birds.  I tucked him in with some hay and fresh water and tried to make him comfortable.  If he pulled a muscle or had a problem that needed some rest that would be the best place for him.  And it’s nice and warm in the dining room so that’s where he stayed.

Three days later he’s still in the same state.  He’s eating and drinking a bit, but he’s not standing and isn’t using his wings…so what to do now?  Its days like this I don’t enjoy being a farmer, because I know what we have to do.  I’ve done my research and followed protocols without any success so far, so tomorrow euthanasia is the only humane option left for this little duck.

This one is going to be a bit harder for me though.  I’ve watched them hatch, I’ve brought them to school to show the kids, and this one in particular I’ve taken the last three days to try to make him better.  I have a feeling it will be extra hard on our little man too.  He goes to “baby ducky” several times a day and says hi and asks how he’s doing.  It will be a tough lesson on life and death for a 7 year old.

And so another day on our little farm comes and goes but at the end of it we know we’ve done the best job we can and we learn from everything we do.

Have a beautiful fall day my friends, and say a little prayer for our little baby ducky.


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