I’m heading off to the school soon for their Remembrance Day Assembly and I’m happy that the school invites parents to attend.  As I was getting ready and pinning a poppy to my shirt, I was thinking about the debate that has lit up the Internet since November 1…when to decorate for Christmas.

This is a hotly debated topic and some people get angry when their views aren’t agreed with and their rules adhered to.  In one camp are the people who insist that under no circumstances should there be any talk of Christmas decorations let alone putting them up before Remembrance day has passed because it’s disrespectful.  Then there are the people who say it’s fine, they’ll decorate whenever they want, and that no one is being disrespected.

I’ve heard the arguments, good and bad, pro and con.  I’ll spare you all my two cents worth on the decorating topic but I will say this much.   No matter what your views are on this topic or any other topic, we have the freedom to share our opinions in just about any way we see fit because of the people who fight for it.

So if nothing else this week, decorations or no decorations, wear your poppy with pride and go to a Remembrance Day Celebration, We have had many friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers over the years who are military members and I am grateful for each and every one of them and their service and I will be thinking of them all this afternoon as I stand in that gym with my kids.

Have a beautiful day!


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