Real World Learning

I saw a post on Facebook a while ago, and it’s one that I’ve seen several times before, but it made me think a little bit more about what I want from not only my life but for my children and the family as a whole.

This is the post and it came from Homesteading / Survivalism  who shared it from  Tiny House Small Homes Little Cabins Treehouses Container Home Design and I’m sure it’s showed up on several other pages as well.  I’m not promoting any specific page, just letting everyone know where it came from the day that I saw it.

common sense

I think the part of this that I want to emphasize is the teaching aspect of it. (I don’t want to get into a debate regarding rewards for children.)  Too often we get caught up in thinking that kids can only learn by sitting in a specific room in a specific chair listening to someone talk to them about the real world.  I’m a big believer in hands on learning and letting kids be kids.  There’s a lot to be said for kids learning in different ways and giving them different experiences that will help them understand a concept and be able to put it into practice.

When you are teaching them about real world things out in the real world they are learning all the math and science they need to know; gardening teaches them earth science and math, cooking teaches them chemistry/biology/math, woodworking teaches them geometry/physics/math, hiking teaches them ecology/environmentalism, knitting/sewing teaches them hand eye coordination and art,  etc.

I love being a teacher for my children and helping them learn all kinds of skills that will guide them through life.

Have a beautiful day everyone.


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