Why are you moving to the country?

I’ve been asked that question a lot in the past few years.  People wonder why we would want to be “away from everything”.  One of the reasons came Friday evening as we were finishing up supper.  We heard a voice in the porch saying “hello, anyone home” and when I went to see who it was I found a stranger standing there.

Some of you would be totally horrified to find a stranger has just let themselves into your house, but out in the country  where everyone knows everyone else people just pop their heads in and holler.   If there is anyone home they’ll come to the door.  If no one is home someone will either go on their way, leave a note, or if it’s family or a close friend they’ll wait for you to come home.

So this evening there was a lady in our porch telling me that she was our neighbor from up the road.  This lovely lady who we had never met before saw one of our ducks being carried off by a fox so she got it and brought it back to us.  She didn’t have to leave her nice warm house in order to chase a fox away from one of our ducks.  She certainly didn’t have to go out into the field, pick up an injured half dead duck, and carry it all the way back to us.  But she did and she knows that we would have done the same thing for her or any one of our neighbors.

Its this kind looking out for each other that makes us want to be country folk.


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