Staying Put.

Our big plan was to list our house and move to something smaller with more land.  The real estate market/universe has other plans for us right now so we’ll just go with it.

Part of me is disappointed of course, but if I’m being honest with myself (and you) I think a bigger part of me is just fine with how things are progressing.  I look around and realize the place we’ve chosen to call home for the past 5 years is pretty good after all. Our children love it here, spend tons of time outdoors, and love their school and friends they have there.  We’ve made some pretty great friends here.  Our fruit trees are blossoming and there is color everywhere.  We have established places on the property for our animals and that is working out well.

Our house will always be a work in progress and I guess in that way a house is like a marriage; you always have to work at it to make it what you want.  Might be time for a little bit of house therapy over the summer. 🙂

Have a great day everyone.


Animals everywhere

Seems like there are animals everywhere around me these days. Chicks in the kitchen, rabbits in the living room, hens and ducks roaming the property. And yet I still think about adding more.

I’m finding rabbits extremely easy to care for and quite interesting to have around. They aren’t costing much money either. I can imagine they would cost very little if we grew some of our own food for them or used tractor cages in the summer time. Not sure if I like rabbit meat but I’m ready to breed them at least once to see. (The two that we have now are strictly pets/breeding stock and won’t be dinner).

I also find myself wanting more laying hens. We aren’t utilizing the ducks as well as we should and they are costing us more than they are worth so rehoming most of them and replacing with hens is my plan at the moment

Eventually when we have a plan with our realtor we will make a decision about having pigs again.  They were a good animal to have and depending on the breed you can really good meat yield.

AND because I’m just a little bit crazy, I keep looking at goats.  Depending on the breed they are good for meat, milk,fibre, or sometimes a combination.

I don’t tell my husband that I keep looking at alpacas because I know I’d end up a single alpaca farmer. 😳