Everything in bloom

I had my first spin of the season on the lawn tractor today and got an up close look at all the trees and shrubs on the property.  All of the apple trees are in full bloom and it is gorgeous!  Some are pink.  Some are white.  Some are blush.  One of them even looks like it has fluffy branches there are so many blossoms on it.  It’s amazing to me that each blossom is a potential apple.  We wouldn’t know what to do with all of them if they all turned into fruit.  The pear and plum tree are slower to come out but even those have creamy colored blossoms scattered throughout the branches and are so pretty.

We are really lucky that we have so much on the property.  When we bought the house it was winter and we couldn’t tell what things were, and it was a repo so we didn’t have any information from the previous owners either.  That first summer we were here we were amazed to find out what everything was.  Apple, pear, and plum trees, a giant hydrangia in the most gorgeous pink, a big bleeding heart, a tiger lily, several hostas, a snowball tree, a couple of lilacs, a big yellow bush that I think is forsythia, more choke cherry and birch trees than I can count, and a bunch of pine, oak, and willow trees.  We were also blessed with rose bushes and tons of blackberry canes which are taking over one part of the property.  Whoever took the time to plant  the trees and shrubs made sure there would be color around all summer.

I noticed a lot of butterflies this summer.  There was a little black one that had brilliant red on parts of its wings and you couldn’t see it until it started to flutter.  There were some that were baby blue, some were creamy beige, some were pink.

And then there were the grasses that I was mowing.  All shapes and sizes and every shade of green imaginable.  Then there was one that was a rusty red/orange that I don’t remember seeing before.  Maybe I was just in the mood to really look today.   I left one part of the grass long on purpose.  As I was going by I noticed a spot that was flattened out and I wondered if a deer had been laying there or if the kids used it as a hiding spot.  Either way, it looked like it needed to stay there so I bypassed it.

Any other day I’d be looking for my phone so I could take pictures but in the back of my mind I could hear Little Man reminding me to “just go out and have a fun day”.



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