Time is flying!

The summer just flew by and we are full swing into a new school year.  Today is also the first day of FALL!!!!!  I am an autumn girl all the way.  Cool days.  Sweaters.  Leaves changing.  Fall harvest.  And I still get to wear my sandals.

This is usually the time of year when I really notice how much my kids have grown.  Back to school means wearing more pants than shorts and I see just how much they have sprouted up when last yeas school clothes are leaving a bit more exposed ankle than before.

Recently I’ve been seeing new posts on Facebook about a song that apparently moms everywhere are calling the best song ever.  It’s all about wanting kids to stay little for a while longer.  While I tease my kids about growing up so fast and we joke about their ability (or inability) to stay little, I am not one of those moms who spends tons of time wishing my kids were littler than they are.

Nothing wrong with feeling the way you feel and there are times when I miss baby snuggles and napping with toddlers on the sofa, but more times than not I am happy being in the moment with my kids.  When we reminisce about their earlier years it is mostly with joy and laughter.  We are too busy experiencing new things and really being present in each stage that our entire family goes through to long for days gone by.

Be present with the people in your life.  Live in the moment and experience everything good that you can now.  Enjoying the special things that life has to offer now means less regrets later.


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