For every action, there’s an equal but oposite reaction…

…there are also consequences to our own actions.

A while ago, and like I do nearly every day, I found something I thought was thought-worthy on Facebook so i shared it.  I didn’t tag anyone.  I didn’t make any comments or notes on it.  I just posted it and people could get from it what they wanted.  Most of what I share on Facebook is something I think someone else will like, something I think is funny, something that looks yummy, something that is just really cool, or maybe something that could help someone.  If a post reminds me of someone I will tag them in it and sometimes I will make a comment about the content if I want to clarify anything or add to what is in the post.

When I was checking email and messages later on I got a note from a friend asking to me to take a post down and giving me yhe reason they wanted this done.  At first I thought this was kind of a bold thing to do.  After all, it’s my Facebook feed and they can just skip over it or choose not to see that kind of thing, but then I got to thinking about how this person approached me and what they said.  They actually took the time to share their feelings with me!  They actually started a dialogue about what was going on instead of making rude comments, or unfollowing or unfriending me (which happens a lot more than some people think).  I know a lot of people who would see something on social media and react in a negative childish way because they aren’t face to face with a person but just looking at a computer screen.

Some of you might be thinking ‘big whoopdeedoo’, but this situation is about respecting one another and discussing things like adults…and there doesn’t seem to be enough of that going on these days.