Cause it’s hard out here for a …4H parent?!

Learn To Do By Doing.  That’s what we hear all year from 4H leaders.  Yup.  Got it.  This program isn’t just about theory, it’s about getting out there and putting their skills into action.  Great.  Kids are going to gain skills.  Awesome.

Awesome until its time for them to put those skills into action, and struggle, and make their own mistakes, and for moms and dads and leaders and everyone who wants to “give them a hand”  to stand back and offer them nothing more than support and encouragement.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love that they are doing these things.  I love that they are doing them on their own.  I love that they get to see how much work goes into the projects that they chose to do.   I love that this makes them responsible for something and that there is a hard deadline for them to meet. My goal as a parent, after all, is for them to learn, to achieve things on their own and to be responsible for things.


Today was hard for me.  It was hard to stand there and watch Little Miss struggle with her icing on this hot humid day.  It was hard for me to watch Little Man struggle to write up his project sheets because writing is something that he hates doing.

It was hard for me to watch them at Woodsman practices in the winter struggling to get the shavings made or to get the matches lit.  It was hard for me to sit in the audience during speeches and not give reminders to make eye contact more.

It’s hard knowing that after we teach them what they need to know that we have to push them out of the nest and hope they fly.

And boy do they fly!  Win or lose.  First place or last place.  They fly.  Every time they fly higher and stronger.  They cheer one another on and encourage each other to work harder and never give up.  

In the end its not so hard after all.  When they have the skills they need and the tools to do the job it gets easier for us to stand back and say “You’ve got this.” Not just with their 4H projects but in life.  



For every action, there’s an equal but oposite reaction…

…there are also consequences to our own actions.

A while ago, and like I do nearly every day, I found something I thought was thought-worthy on Facebook so i shared it.  I didn’t tag anyone.  I didn’t make any comments or notes on it.  I just posted it and people could get from it what they wanted.  Most of what I share on Facebook is something I think someone else will like, something I think is funny, something that looks yummy, something that is just really cool, or maybe something that could help someone.  If a post reminds me of someone I will tag them in it and sometimes I will make a comment about the content if I want to clarify anything or add to what is in the post.

When I was checking email and messages later on I got a note from a friend asking to me to take a post down and giving me yhe reason they wanted this done.  At first I thought this was kind of a bold thing to do.  After all, it’s my Facebook feed and they can just skip over it or choose not to see that kind of thing, but then I got to thinking about how this person approached me and what they said.  They actually took the time to share their feelings with me!  They actually started a dialogue about what was going on instead of making rude comments, or unfollowing or unfriending me (which happens a lot more than some people think).  I know a lot of people who would see something on social media and react in a negative childish way because they aren’t face to face with a person but just looking at a computer screen.

Some of you might be thinking ‘big whoopdeedoo’, but this situation is about respecting one another and discussing things like adults…and there doesn’t seem to be enough of that going on these days.



Ok I get it. I’m 5 days late on the new year greetings, but if you know anything about me its that I’m not the most organized…not by a long shot. I almost missed the kids first day back to school except that I saw another parent asking about the date. I was pretty bummed when I found out that I had one less day at home with The Littles. Yesterday made up for that with a “storm day” that turned out to be a pretty nice day after all.

It was also an exciting day for us because we have another addition to the farm. Little Miss came into our room yesterday morning and said “either Bonnie is shedding REALLY BAD or she’s having babies”. Sure enough there was a ton of fur in the corner of her cage but on a quick inspection I didn’t see anything moving so I left her alone and let her do her thing. About an hour later Hubby says “I think there’s babies down in there already”. I dug around and gathered up 8 pink healthy babies to put in the nesting box. We discovered a little while later that momma was having nothing to do with that nesting box and she preferred her babies to be snuggled into the corner of the cage so that’s where they will stay (until they can move around on their own). I still can’t get used to her not being snuggled with them all the time but I know it’s their way of keeping predators away. As long as I see her nursing at night and the babies have round little bellies I know they are ok.

The holidays seemed to go by extremely fast this year and other parents from the area said the same thing.  Maybe it’s because none of us were ready for school to be back in a day early.  Lol  Aside from being sick, we had a really nice quiet break.  Hubby was off the same time as the kids so we had no schedule and we spent a lot of time sleeping in.  We did our annual Christmas Tree hunt at a local tree farm.  They spend time each year shaping the trees which makes it so easy to find the perfect tree.  I think we are getting a little too good at the process because we were in and out in less than an hour…and that included having hot chocolate and cider.  The Littles wanted a tree in their room so they got to pick out and cut their own this year.  Now that I think about it, they cut most of the big tree too.

We managed to pull off our Homemade Christmas this year, by the skin of our teeth.  I wasn’t sure if I could do it but we finished the kids stuff (which was the most important thing for us) and have the supplies to make our gifts for each other.  The Littles finished all of their gifts too and were super excited to give them out.  Little Miss used her new sewing skills to make a mug cosy for me, a lego bag for Little Man, and a rubgy ball bag for Hubby.  Little man made a gun sling for Hubby, and got hubby to help with some woodworking to make an AG wardrobe for Little Miss, and a kitchen shelf for me.  I made some AG doll clothes for Little Miss and a back quiver for Little Man.  And Hubby made both kids archery arm guards and the beginning supplies to make a forge.  They have been bugging to have a forge for months now so Hubby found a video on YouTube about how to make a small one.   Hubby has been wanting a utilikilt for quite a while so and I want a solar heater for the living room so my plan is to leave the supplies for both of these things out in the way until they get done.  Shaming ourselves into getting projects done is ok right?!

We also introduced the Faverolles to the rest of the flock on New Years day.  They were quarantined since we got them and showed no signs of any sickness or anything that would transfer to the rest of the flock.  We left them in a smaller pen that joined onto the big bird yard so that they could see each other but not actually mingle yet.  We have more roosters than we want right now (ended up with three from our hatch last year) so aggression is a concern when adding new roosters.  There was a lot of puffing and posturing but no jumping at the fence which we’ve seen in the past.  This weekend we will let them all into the same yard and then house them all together.  I know there will be some fighting but as long as there is no blood shed I’m pretty sure they will be ok and set a new pecking order quite quickly.   We are looking to rehome some of our Americauna roosters because we really have too many and in addition to fighting amongst themselves they will start hurting the hens.  If we cant’ find good homes, into the stock pot they will go.

That’s about all the updating for now. I know lots of bloggers/writers like to give an update on the year past, but right now I figure you can read past posts if you come across something that interests you.

Before I sign off I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog, shares my post and page, and is involved in this journey with me.  I love sharing what we do!  Feel free to leave messages, tag, comment, and share with your friends and family. I wish you all the best that 2017 has to offer.

Thrifty Thursday Tip

I wanted to get my Thrifty Thursday Tip out to you though because this is something I think everyone can do and it has to do with food. You all know that I LOVE FOOD!
I roasted a chicken yesterday. If it had been a turkey this would be a Thrifty Thursday Turkey Tip but that’s too much alliteration for this page…so back on track. Roast chicken. It was Little Man’s idea since he was saying “winner winner chicken dinner” and I happen to have lots of chickens in the freezer. Just about everyone has their own way to roast chicken so I won’t post an actual recipe on here, but I like to line the pan with carrots and onions, place the chicken breast side down, and then add garlic and spices and a bit of water. Then pop it into a 550F degree oven for 30 mins before turning it back to 375F. It’s done when it reaches 160F. Resting your chicken is as important as how you cook it so aim for at least 20-30 mins.  There’s a formula for figuring out how long to roast depending on stuffing or not but I’ll let you get that info from someone who is a little more precise than I am.
How does this relate to being thrifty you ask? well, depending on the size of the chicken, this will do us for 3-4 meals. Yup, you read that right, 3-4 meals for a family of 4 on one roast chicken.
The first night is the chicken dinner with veggies. When we are finished dinner and we are cleaning up I will strip all the meat off of the chicken bones. Meat goes into one container. Bones/skin goes into another. Off to the fridge that goes.
Second night is usually hot chicken sandwiches or tonight it’s chicken pot pie. I always make gravy when I roast chicken (whole or pieces) and I make enough so that there’s some leftover. If there’s not enough gravy for that I will make a chicken stirfry or quesadillas. So there’s two meals.
I know everyone is going to have a different size chicken but the principals are the same so stick with me.
By this time there’s not much meat (if any) left. If it’s not eaten in these two meals there are normally sandwiches made for lunch (which I will count as 3 meals) and of course the grazing that happens in our house. A piece here and a piece there and that chicken pile gets smaller and smaller by the hour. This leaves us with a container of bones (and possibly a bit of gravy).
Pop those bones into a stock pot, add some pepper, bay leaves, whatever other spices and vinegar you happen to like, top it up with water to just cover the bones and get that baby boiling. If I have no other uses for gravy and there’s only a bit left I’ll throw that in the pot as well.   Waste Not Want Not.  (but you can always pop the extra gravy into the freezer to use for another time)  Once it comes to a boil, cover it and turn it down on low, kind of like making rice. Now pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a good book, set your timer for an hour and relax. *Alternatively you could put all of this into a pressure cooker for 20-30 minutes and you will get the same result just not as much reading time.*
When you are done you will have nummy chicken stock that you can use in another recipe(4 meals) that evening or freeze it or pressure can it.  I tried pressure canning once before and it didn’t turn out so well so I’ve steered away from it but I do know of lots of people who are very successful with it so if you’re so inclined, give it a try! 
I thought I had a post about quick chicken soup but I’ll have to find that and post it later.  Ugh, maybe I need a week added to my organization challenge to deal with online clutter.  I’m sure you all will find lots to do with that delicious chicken stock.
Give this a try and see how far you can stretch your meals.

Time is flying!

The summer just flew by and we are full swing into a new school year.  Today is also the first day of FALL!!!!!  I am an autumn girl all the way.  Cool days.  Sweaters.  Leaves changing.  Fall harvest.  And I still get to wear my sandals.

This is usually the time of year when I really notice how much my kids have grown.  Back to school means wearing more pants than shorts and I see just how much they have sprouted up when last yeas school clothes are leaving a bit more exposed ankle than before.

Recently I’ve been seeing new posts on Facebook about a song that apparently moms everywhere are calling the best song ever.  It’s all about wanting kids to stay little for a while longer.  While I tease my kids about growing up so fast and we joke about their ability (or inability) to stay little, I am not one of those moms who spends tons of time wishing my kids were littler than they are.

Nothing wrong with feeling the way you feel and there are times when I miss baby snuggles and napping with toddlers on the sofa, but more times than not I am happy being in the moment with my kids.  When we reminisce about their earlier years it is mostly with joy and laughter.  We are too busy experiencing new things and really being present in each stage that our entire family goes through to long for days gone by.

Be present with the people in your life.  Live in the moment and experience everything good that you can now.  Enjoying the special things that life has to offer now means less regrets later.

Its Report Card Day

Today was report card day for my kids and they are all finished school for the summer.  It’s a pretty low key day for us.  Spending time with family and making plans for summer and their rugby season starts this evening so we will be heading there after supper.

Around here the last day of school is called Grading Day and its become a big event.  I totally get the fact that kids and parents are glad that school is over for the year but I feel like parents are going way overboard when it comes to “grading day”.  Its almost as bad as birthdays and Christmas.  Big gifts.  Big celebrations.  Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the end of the year, especially if it’s a graduation year, but spending hundreds of dollars on grading gifts every year!? When did this become the usual thing to do???


Everything in bloom

I had my first spin of the season on the lawn tractor today and got an up close look at all the trees and shrubs on the property.  All of the apple trees are in full bloom and it is gorgeous!  Some are pink.  Some are white.  Some are blush.  One of them even looks like it has fluffy branches there are so many blossoms on it.  It’s amazing to me that each blossom is a potential apple.  We wouldn’t know what to do with all of them if they all turned into fruit.  The pear and plum tree are slower to come out but even those have creamy colored blossoms scattered throughout the branches and are so pretty.

We are really lucky that we have so much on the property.  When we bought the house it was winter and we couldn’t tell what things were, and it was a repo so we didn’t have any information from the previous owners either.  That first summer we were here we were amazed to find out what everything was.  Apple, pear, and plum trees, a giant hydrangia in the most gorgeous pink, a big bleeding heart, a tiger lily, several hostas, a snowball tree, a couple of lilacs, a big yellow bush that I think is forsythia, more choke cherry and birch trees than I can count, and a bunch of pine, oak, and willow trees.  We were also blessed with rose bushes and tons of blackberry canes which are taking over one part of the property.  Whoever took the time to plant  the trees and shrubs made sure there would be color around all summer.

I noticed a lot of butterflies this summer.  There was a little black one that had brilliant red on parts of its wings and you couldn’t see it until it started to flutter.  There were some that were baby blue, some were creamy beige, some were pink.

And then there were the grasses that I was mowing.  All shapes and sizes and every shade of green imaginable.  Then there was one that was a rusty red/orange that I don’t remember seeing before.  Maybe I was just in the mood to really look today.   I left one part of the grass long on purpose.  As I was going by I noticed a spot that was flattened out and I wondered if a deer had been laying there or if the kids used it as a hiding spot.  Either way, it looked like it needed to stay there so I bypassed it.

Any other day I’d be looking for my phone so I could take pictures but in the back of my mind I could hear Little Man reminding me to “just go out and have a fun day”.



There’s been a lot in the media lately about washrooms and which ones should or shouldn’t be used by some people.  This evening I have an issue of my own when it comes to washrooms and it has to do with The Littles.

We were at a mall having dinner in the food court.  We were having a nice time.  We were minding our own business chatting about the day.  Nothing unusual was happening until I sent the kids to wash their hands.  “Stay together and I’ll meet you down the hall in a second.  I’m just clearing up the trays.”  was what I said to them and off they went togetherbac.  Now keep in mind that we are in another town and The Littles are 7 and 9.  Not teenagers.  Not adults.  7 and 9!

So I throw away the garbage, pick up our stuff, and head down to meet up with the kids.  Little Miss is standing outside the washroom and Little Man is not with her. What’s going on?????  “the lady said he couldn’t come in with me and there’s no family bathroom so she said he had to go by himself” says Little Miss.  I was stunned!  I almost couldn’t say anything.  Why would this stranger feel it was OK to tell my kids they could separate from each other?  Why wasn’t it OK for a 7 year old to go with his sister to a washroom?  What was he going to do in there?  HE’S 7!!!!

Part of me felt like I was overreacting but a bigger part, that mom instinct, was telling me ‘no you didn’t overreact, those are your babies and you wanted them together and safe’, and that’s the part that’s right 99% of the time.

Now I’m not one of those moms who won’t let their kids do anything because they might get hurt.  In fact, I try to teach the kids how to do all kinds of different like how to cook and use sharp knives, how to use different tools and equipment around the farm, how to build things, etc.  I let them climb trees, jump around on hay bales, and play with sticks.  But as liberal as I am with the kids, sometimes I get the feeling that I need to be just that little bit safer in a particular situation and this evening it was it.

I did confront the lady in question (who was a food court worker) when she came back down the hallway, who then went back out into the food court and discussed it with the security guard loud enough for everyone around them to hear.  I just walked away at that point and let it all percolate in my mind.  No point in escalating the situation.  I did feel a little vindicated though when I heard the security guard say  to her “don’t worry about it, it’s alright”.

I was still a bit worked up when we got home so after some snuggle time I tucked The Littles in bed and wrote a letter to mall administration.  I tried to be factual and not put too much emotion in it but I’m not sure how successful I was with that part of it.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am quite emotional when it comes to my kids.

No matter the response I get from the mall, I’ll chalk this one up to experience…and I’ll keep on listening to that mom instinct.

Staying Put.

Our big plan was to list our house and move to something smaller with more land.  The real estate market/universe has other plans for us right now so we’ll just go with it.

Part of me is disappointed of course, but if I’m being honest with myself (and you) I think a bigger part of me is just fine with how things are progressing.  I look around and realize the place we’ve chosen to call home for the past 5 years is pretty good after all. Our children love it here, spend tons of time outdoors, and love their school and friends they have there.  We’ve made some pretty great friends here.  Our fruit trees are blossoming and there is color everywhere.  We have established places on the property for our animals and that is working out well.

Our house will always be a work in progress and I guess in that way a house is like a marriage; you always have to work at it to make it what you want.  Might be time for a little bit of house therapy over the summer. 🙂

Have a great day everyone.

Animals everywhere

Seems like there are animals everywhere around me these days. Chicks in the kitchen, rabbits in the living room, hens and ducks roaming the property. And yet I still think about adding more.

I’m finding rabbits extremely easy to care for and quite interesting to have around. They aren’t costing much money either. I can imagine they would cost very little if we grew some of our own food for them or used tractor cages in the summer time. Not sure if I like rabbit meat but I’m ready to breed them at least once to see. (The two that we have now are strictly pets/breeding stock and won’t be dinner).

I also find myself wanting more laying hens. We aren’t utilizing the ducks as well as we should and they are costing us more than they are worth so rehoming most of them and replacing with hens is my plan at the moment

Eventually when we have a plan with our realtor we will make a decision about having pigs again.  They were a good animal to have and depending on the breed you can really good meat yield.

AND because I’m just a little bit crazy, I keep looking at goats.  Depending on the breed they are good for meat, milk,fibre, or sometimes a combination.

I don’t tell my husband that I keep looking at alpacas because I know I’d end up a single alpaca farmer. 😳