Animals everywhere

Seems like there are animals everywhere around me these days. Chicks in the kitchen, rabbits in the living room, hens and ducks roaming the property. And yet I still think about adding more.

I’m finding rabbits extremely easy to care for and quite interesting to have around. They aren’t costing much money either. I can imagine they would cost very little if we grew some of our own food for them or used tractor cages in the summer time. Not sure if I like rabbit meat but I’m ready to breed them at least once to see. (The two that we have now are strictly pets/breeding stock and won’t be dinner).

I also find myself wanting more laying hens. We aren’t utilizing the ducks as well as we should and they are costing us more than they are worth so rehoming most of them and replacing with hens is my plan at the moment

Eventually when we have a plan with our realtor we will make a decision about having pigs again.  They were a good animal to have and depending on the breed you can really good meat yield.

AND because I’m just a little bit crazy, I keep looking at goats.  Depending on the breed they are good for meat, milk,fibre, or sometimes a combination.

I don’t tell my husband that I keep looking at alpacas because I know I’d end up a single alpaca farmer. 😳



Back to school.

Am I the only one who IS NOT excited about the kids going back to school?  I actually like having the kids home and not having a set schedule.  I love snuggling on the sofa in the afternoon watching a movie with my munchkins.  I love not having to plan lunches and snacks.  I like being able to take the kids to visit friends on a week day.

I’m also not one for new years resolutions or making changes just because the calendar says January 1.  Of course I think about making changes around the new year because that’s what I hear about the most but if all of those people talked about resolutions and changes on July 1 I’d think about them a lot then too.  I’m more about making changes when it’s good for me or my family.  Like making the decision to start raising animals. We didn’t sit down on New Years Eve and say “hey, lets get chickens in June”.  And our decision to raise pigs this spring…one of hubby’s wants from last year.  You all know I’ve been scanning online buy and sell sites already looking at prices of pigs so i can budget for our little porkers.  It’s going to be an interesting summer on our little (ever growing) farm.

All that being said, the kids were super excited to get back to school to see all of their friends this morning.  And I was even reasonably organized. I made pumpkin muffins last night for lunches. In bed early and up early.  We finally had enough green eggs from the Americaunas so we could all have some for breakfast.  The kids helped pack lunch bags and made sure they had everything in their knapsacks. We had the ducks and chickens fed and watered, eggs gathered, and still had time to spare before heading off to school.  Good thing too because mittens were still wet from yesterday.  10 minutes in the dryer fixed that and I’m sure it will be a daily occurrence as long as the weather stays the same.

So for tonight lunches are ready, molasses cookies are on the cooling rack waiting to be packed away, and my pillow is calling my name.

Have a beautiful night, sweet dreams, and be sure to compliment someone first thing in the morning…it might just be the pick me up they need for the day.