Ok I get it. I’m 5 days late on the new year greetings, but if you know anything about me its that I’m not the most organized…not by a long shot. I almost missed the kids first day back to school except that I saw another parent asking about the date. I was pretty bummed when I found out that I had one less day at home with The Littles. Yesterday made up for that with a “storm day” that turned out to be a pretty nice day after all.

It was also an exciting day for us because we have another addition to the farm. Little Miss came into our room yesterday morning and said “either Bonnie is shedding REALLY BAD or she’s having babies”. Sure enough there was a ton of fur in the corner of her cage but on a quick inspection I didn’t see anything moving so I left her alone and let her do her thing. About an hour later Hubby says “I think there’s babies down in there already”. I dug around and gathered up 8 pink healthy babies to put in the nesting box. We discovered a little while later that momma was having nothing to do with that nesting box and she preferred her babies to be snuggled into the corner of the cage so that’s where they will stay (until they can move around on their own). I still can’t get used to her not being snuggled with them all the time but I know it’s their way of keeping predators away. As long as I see her nursing at night and the babies have round little bellies I know they are ok.

The holidays seemed to go by extremely fast this year and other parents from the area said the same thing.  Maybe it’s because none of us were ready for school to be back in a day early.  Lol  Aside from being sick, we had a really nice quiet break.  Hubby was off the same time as the kids so we had no schedule and we spent a lot of time sleeping in.  We did our annual Christmas Tree hunt at a local tree farm.  They spend time each year shaping the trees which makes it so easy to find the perfect tree.  I think we are getting a little too good at the process because we were in and out in less than an hour…and that included having hot chocolate and cider.  The Littles wanted a tree in their room so they got to pick out and cut their own this year.  Now that I think about it, they cut most of the big tree too.

We managed to pull off our Homemade Christmas this year, by the skin of our teeth.  I wasn’t sure if I could do it but we finished the kids stuff (which was the most important thing for us) and have the supplies to make our gifts for each other.  The Littles finished all of their gifts too and were super excited to give them out.  Little Miss used her new sewing skills to make a mug cosy for me, a lego bag for Little Man, and a rubgy ball bag for Hubby.  Little man made a gun sling for Hubby, and got hubby to help with some woodworking to make an AG wardrobe for Little Miss, and a kitchen shelf for me.  I made some AG doll clothes for Little Miss and a back quiver for Little Man.  And Hubby made both kids archery arm guards and the beginning supplies to make a forge.  They have been bugging to have a forge for months now so Hubby found a video on YouTube about how to make a small one.   Hubby has been wanting a utilikilt for quite a while so and I want a solar heater for the living room so my plan is to leave the supplies for both of these things out in the way until they get done.  Shaming ourselves into getting projects done is ok right?!

We also introduced the Faverolles to the rest of the flock on New Years day.  They were quarantined since we got them and showed no signs of any sickness or anything that would transfer to the rest of the flock.  We left them in a smaller pen that joined onto the big bird yard so that they could see each other but not actually mingle yet.  We have more roosters than we want right now (ended up with three from our hatch last year) so aggression is a concern when adding new roosters.  There was a lot of puffing and posturing but no jumping at the fence which we’ve seen in the past.  This weekend we will let them all into the same yard and then house them all together.  I know there will be some fighting but as long as there is no blood shed I’m pretty sure they will be ok and set a new pecking order quite quickly.   We are looking to rehome some of our Americauna roosters because we really have too many and in addition to fighting amongst themselves they will start hurting the hens.  If we cant’ find good homes, into the stock pot they will go.

That’s about all the updating for now. I know lots of bloggers/writers like to give an update on the year past, but right now I figure you can read past posts if you come across something that interests you.

Before I sign off I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog, shares my post and page, and is involved in this journey with me.  I love sharing what we do!  Feel free to leave messages, tag, comment, and share with your friends and family. I wish you all the best that 2017 has to offer.


Real World Learning

I saw a post on Facebook a while ago, and it’s one that I’ve seen several times before, but it made me think a little bit more about what I want from not only my life but for my children and the family as a whole.

This is the post and it came from Homesteading / Survivalism  who shared it from  Tiny House Small Homes Little Cabins Treehouses Container Home Design and I’m sure it’s showed up on several other pages as well.  I’m not promoting any specific page, just letting everyone know where it came from the day that I saw it.

common sense

I think the part of this that I want to emphasize is the teaching aspect of it. (I don’t want to get into a debate regarding rewards for children.)  Too often we get caught up in thinking that kids can only learn by sitting in a specific room in a specific chair listening to someone talk to them about the real world.  I’m a big believer in hands on learning and letting kids be kids.  There’s a lot to be said for kids learning in different ways and giving them different experiences that will help them understand a concept and be able to put it into practice.

When you are teaching them about real world things out in the real world they are learning all the math and science they need to know; gardening teaches them earth science and math, cooking teaches them chemistry/biology/math, woodworking teaches them geometry/physics/math, hiking teaches them ecology/environmentalism, knitting/sewing teaches them hand eye coordination and art,  etc.

I love being a teacher for my children and helping them learn all kinds of skills that will guide them through life.

Have a beautiful day everyone.

Back to school.

Am I the only one who IS NOT excited about the kids going back to school?  I actually like having the kids home and not having a set schedule.  I love snuggling on the sofa in the afternoon watching a movie with my munchkins.  I love not having to plan lunches and snacks.  I like being able to take the kids to visit friends on a week day.

I’m also not one for new years resolutions or making changes just because the calendar says January 1.  Of course I think about making changes around the new year because that’s what I hear about the most but if all of those people talked about resolutions and changes on July 1 I’d think about them a lot then too.  I’m more about making changes when it’s good for me or my family.  Like making the decision to start raising animals. We didn’t sit down on New Years Eve and say “hey, lets get chickens in June”.  And our decision to raise pigs this spring…one of hubby’s wants from last year.  You all know I’ve been scanning online buy and sell sites already looking at prices of pigs so i can budget for our little porkers.  It’s going to be an interesting summer on our little (ever growing) farm.

All that being said, the kids were super excited to get back to school to see all of their friends this morning.  And I was even reasonably organized. I made pumpkin muffins last night for lunches. In bed early and up early.  We finally had enough green eggs from the Americaunas so we could all have some for breakfast.  The kids helped pack lunch bags and made sure they had everything in their knapsacks. We had the ducks and chickens fed and watered, eggs gathered, and still had time to spare before heading off to school.  Good thing too because mittens were still wet from yesterday.  10 minutes in the dryer fixed that and I’m sure it will be a daily occurrence as long as the weather stays the same.

So for tonight lunches are ready, molasses cookies are on the cooling rack waiting to be packed away, and my pillow is calling my name.

Have a beautiful night, sweet dreams, and be sure to compliment someone first thing in the morning…it might just be the pick me up they need for the day.